A review of an action movie gone in sixty seconds starring nicolas cage

He plans on stealing a modified Ford Shelby GTdubbed " Eleanor ", last, as he considers the car cursed, with all previous attempts to steal one gone awry. Castlebeck, furious that he could not catch Memphis in the act, returns to the seized warehouse to search for any more clues.

Karen Benardello Season of the Witch Movie Poster Continue Reading Karen Benardello As a life-long fan of entertainment, particularly films, television and music, and an endless passion for writing, Karen Benardello decided to combine the two for a career.

Not that that mark is bad. This resulted in several cars appearing multiple times in the minute sequence. Sign in to vote. In the DVD audio commentary, he described the script for the construction site scenes of the main pursuit as a piece of cardboard with a circle on it.

Cage and it certainly was worth a look at in the theatre. Alternatively you can use torrent sites or various legal sources for downloading.

Gone In Sixty Seconds

The characters depicted as being members of the emergency services were actual police officers, firemen, or paramedics. I only know, that she plays the kind of girl I like in this film, because she is not too mainstream, a bit alternative look and she even comes with a tattoo. At the same time, Eugene learns of the Cadillac's fate and attempts to start a brawl; ultimately leaving the office in a rage.

Ronald Halicki, the director's real-life brother who played Corlis Pace in the film, operated the crane that lifted "Jill", the red Challenger, to its fate in the car-crusher at the junkyard. Against Eugene's vehement protests, Pace does not relinquish the heroin, and has the Cadillac and its contents burned at a remote location — unbeknownst to Eugene.

Gone In 60 Seconds (DVD, 2005)

The intact "Eleanor" used for beauty shots and the white Ford used by Pace and Stanley can be seen parked in a few Long Beach sequences. So he abandons his modest, honest job running a go cart race track in a desert town and re-assembles his old crew of generically eccentric tough guys from central casting with oh-brother nicknames like Mirror Man, Tumbler, The Sphinxand one sexy tomboy ex-girlfriend Angelina Jolie in a blond dreadlock wigto pull off the heists -- all in one night.

According to the commentary track on the DVD, the film company owned the first two Cadillacs in the row; the remainder were the dealer's. Lookin' to Get Out Elise is an extraordinary woman who deliberately crosses his path.

Just about the only silver lining in this cloud is the involvement of executive producer Denice Halicki, who married Toby Halicki only a few months before the accident that took his life.

Gone in 60 Seconds

It was also evident in her colorful personal life. Bound to attract teens, parents may want to think for sixty seconds before enrolling their family in Car Theft The injury was not serious, although director of photography Jack Vacek claims that Halicki never walked the same again.

The indefatigable self-promoter left behind a handful of genial, fetishistic movies The Junkman, Deadline Auto Theft which to this day exude the confident swagger of a time gone by and the relatively straightforward love of a man for speed and extensive collections of everything from sunglasses and wigs to toys and, of course, high-performance automobiles.

For example in the scene at the Carson Street off-ramp, where the two cars collide after Maindrian drives against traffic, a pedestrian can be seen in the background shouting angrily at the passing police cars for not stopping to help the occupants.Also starring Robert Duvall as Otto Halliwell, and Scott Caan as Tumbler, Gone in Sixty Seconds is a remake of the low-budget action hit of the same name, best remembered for a minute 25%.

You can't beat a good old action/heist movie and the original Gone in 60 Seconds that came out in was good, but the remake starring the likes of Nicolas Cage (Memphis), Angelina Jolie (Sway), Christopher Eccleston ('The Carpenter') and a certain Shelby-style Mustang called Eleanor is pure car jacking gangster genius, with more car.

Gone in 60 Seconds UMD

Gone In 60 Seconds: Director's Cut on DVD () from Disney / Buena Vista. Directed by Dominic Sena. Staring Nicolas Cage, Delroy Lindo, Giovanni Ribisi and Will Patton.

More Action, Chases and Movies DVDs available @ DVD Empire. Jun 09,  · "Gone in 60 Seconds" is like a practice game between the varsity and the reserves. A review of the phenomenal new Netflix show starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone.

Other Articles. Home This is the kind of movie that ends up playing on the TV set over the bar in a better movie. Nicolas Cage plays Memphis Raines, who used to be the 2/5. Sure, he's had a few flops recently, but Nicolas Cage is still a bona fide movie star. At such a critical point in the aging actor's career though, was starring in an obscure action flick a good choice?

More recently, Cage has collaborated with one of Hollywood's most successful producers, Jerry Bruckheimer, on such action hits as Gone in Sixty Seconds, Con Air and The Rock.

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A review of an action movie gone in sixty seconds starring nicolas cage
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