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Therapeutic brushers are interested in functionally effective products and differentiatebetween brands. The Precision should remain exactly that, because the quality of the product should stand above even the brand of Colgate to exemplify to consumers the revolution of our product for the oral care industry.

As a result, the toothbrush industry experienced a massive arrival of worthy competitors and the formation of a niche or premium market. This will allow for maximum penetration and growth in both markets. Working with dentists to promote the new offerings of our toothbrush, as a premium brush will also aid in competition with Oral-B, who excels in this area, and Colgate precision case analysis affirmation behind our claims.

Colgate Toothpaste&nbspMarketing Plan

Granted the higher volumes would result in cheaper per unit manufacturing costs; so there would be some gain from economies of scale; but the net margin would still be lower due to the pricing required for the mainstream product.

But the market was highly competitive with new products already in the fray. Because consumer interest and toothbrush purchases began to increase, advertising and promotion also began to increase, which lead to the development and addition of the super-premium product class.

Colgate Palmolive Case Study

Race and ethnicity- All races Geographic Location- Europe is the biggest market Physiographic- Perception- Consumers who are concerned about their oral health and hygiene. Have variety in product for each consumer as we are equally targeting adults and kids.

CP utilizes a cutting-edge infrared motion analysis andtechnique to measure exact levels of plaqueremoved by its products in consumertests.

Consumers are morecareful in choosing the right toothbrush rather than toothpaste. Ensure the product does, and continues to, address the specific needs of the statedconsumer segments; Price Precision at competitive levels within the super-premium segment so as tooffer more value than competitors, for an equivalent cost; Leverage their existing intensive distribution channel relationships to ensure thatPrecision receives the most effective placement; And, invest industry-standard amounts of capital into the promotion of the newtoothbrush.

In order for Precision to be a successful product in the toothbrush market the following two objectives must be met: To help get the toothbrush and the information about the benefits into consumers hands and mouths led to the important tactic to push 3 million, for the niche, and 8 million, for the mainstream, toothbrushes via dentists.

This would strengthen the professional endorsements sought by CP and educate the consumers.

Colgate-Palmolive Case Study Essay Sample

We recommend keeping Colgate Plus and Reach at the same level. Halitosis Colgate-Palmolive is recognized as the global leader in household and personal care products. The potential As per our estimates, With the Precision toothbrush, CP could finally introduce a super-premium product into the mix and give the therapeutic consumer segment some much needed attention.

Some toothbrushes have an indicator who tells youwhen to change the toothbrush; handles were thickened for a more comfortablegrip and lengthened to extend the reach of the bristles.

As a result, the toothbrush industry experienced a massiveinflux of worthy competitors and the formation of a niche, super-premium market.

By using the data given in the study we found these results. Technological advances- use technology to stay ahead in business.View Colgate Precision - Case study 3 from MARKETING MKT at University of Texas, Dallas.


of the Precision toothbrush. From Exhibit 7, it is also evident that Colgate succeeds in the mass market according volume and dollar market shares, where Colgate has % volume market share in the mass market and % of dollar market shares.

The Precision Toothbrush case study solution, Colgate-Palmolive Co.: The Precision Toothbrush case study analysis, Subjects Covered New product marketing Product positioning Profitability analysis by John A.

Quelch, Nathalie Laidler Source: HBS Premier Case Collection 2. Dec 07,  · Colgate-Palmolive Case Study Colgate-Palmolive Company: The Precision Toothbrush The intent of this analysis is to evaluate the current promotional strategies, integrating marketing communications (IMC) strategies for the Colgate-Palmolive Precision toothbrush.

ecommendations for a promotion and IMC-based. Colgate-Palmolive Co. is considering how to position your new teeth brush technology, precision.

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The case explores the issues involved in launching new products and asks students to make cost-benefit analysis of the different placement options. BACKGROUND_____COMPANY BACKGROUNDAs a global leader with sales of $ billion and a gross profit of $ billion, Colgate had spent about five hundred millions in its R&D and advertising.

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Colgate precision case analysis
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