Educational system in turkey

They offer 2 years of undergraduate study after high school and are very much like the community colleges in the USA. These can be issued in English, French, or German, contain information on the program within the Turkish education system and include ECTS credits and grades.

Its aim is to teach reading and writing.

Education System

Vocational and technical high schools provide specialized instruction with the aim of training qualified personnel. Schools are in session for five days a week Monday to Friday in a total of hours.

Education in Turkey

Except in specially licensed and foreign institutions, Turkish must be taught as the mother tongue. Educational system in turkey major world religions such as JudaismChristianity, Hinduism and Buddhism are included in the content of the course.

Education System in Turkey

Inthe course was extended to the third last grade of the high schools. The others go to private universities, provided they can afford it, they can also be awarded a scholarship from a private university. Some universities use English, French and German as the language of instruction with one preparatory year if necessary.

These very competitive high schools train students specifically for higher education in the sciences, technical and medical fields. The Supreme Council of National Education discusses and decides on curricula and regulations prepared by the Ministry.

This kind of private lycees have double language education such as Italian Highschool, German Highschool, Austrian Highschool, French Highschool, and so on.

Prior toTurkish universities lacked uniformity. Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine courses last for five years and Medicine for six years.

Education System in Turkey

In Medicine, the professional qualification of Tip Doktorlugu Diplomasi is conferred. Today, the school is a secular leading-private school.

Education in Turkey

The Arabic courses will be offered as an elective language course like GermanFrench and English. The Ministry of National Education MEB runs educational administration of the country and is responsible for drawing up curricula, coordinating the work of official, private and voluntary organizations, designing and building schools, developing educational materials and so on.

De-establishment[ edit ] Inall courses concerning religion were excluded from the curriculum of primary, secondary, and high schools on the basis that non-Muslims also live in Turkey.

Secondary Education Secondary education is compulsory for four years and covers general, vocational and technical high schools Lycees, Lise in Turkish that provide four years of education used to be 3 years until Technical lycees include special formations such as electricity, electronics, chemistry, machinery, motors, building, etc.

What To Expect From The Educational System In Turkey

That is why they start studying for the entrance exams as much as two years in advance, usually taking up private tutoring as policy outlook: turkey © oecd 3 table of contents highlights Therefore International education programs have not a significant place in Turkish educational system, while some private schools in Turkey offer and implement some international programs as an alternative/auxiliary education program beside to Turkish National Education.

There are three types of high schools in Turkey. These are general (academic) schools, science schools, and vocational schools. The first two of these culminate with the National University Entrance Examination, while the latter produce job-ready employees. Mass education, on the other hand, is separated from the formal education and includes national education centers, apprentice training centers, open universities, and county colleges.

In Turkey, the higher education system is regulated and monitored by the Council of. Turkey’s Education System in Brief Regulatory Structure: Elementary and Secondary Education. Turkey has seven regions, 81 provinces, and a highly centralized system of government.

Accordingly, most education policies are steered by the national government in Ankara. Turkey Structure of Educational System Pre-higher Education System Higher Education System Administrative structure of higher education Admissions to Higher Education and Recognition.

Educational system in turkey
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