The china syndrome film analysis

While speaking with engineer Jack Godell Jack Lemmon in the plant something goes horribly wrong. Godell threatens to go to the Nuclear Regulatory Commissionbut Royce threatens him; and later a pair of goons from Foster-Sullivan parks outside his house.

The China syndrome

But it's a foregone conclusion that his methods would have to process out much of what gives Ballard's work its focus and purpose, just as Disney had to wind up reorchestrating The Rite of Spring.

Local news anchor Kimberly Wells Fonda is drawn into the controversial news story along with her cameraman Richard Adams Douglas. While watching the Ventana control room from an observation area with public relations officer, Bill Gibson, the plant goes through a reactor SCRAM, a temporary shutdown of part or all of the plant.

As the news cameras are rolling the ownership makes disparaging remarks about Godell's sanity and possible drinking. Or was he just lucky? He suggests the plant crew came close to exposing the core.

Driven to the edge of a breakdown, Godell takes over the plant's control room at gunpoint and demands to reveal his findings on TV. What better way for Bertolucci to show us the true meaning of a life of privilege? Ted tells the media that Godell was a hero for averting a disaster and that there will be a much deeper investigation this time.

The China Syndrome Movie Review Summary

Royce, an employee of Foster-Sullivan, the construction company who built the plant, as it was Royce who signed off on the welding radiographs.

He guessed that they were being marched to death around the countryside, but he wanted them to stay in the stadium and die within sight of the white Cadillacs.

The China Syndrome

An independent contract employee who has stolen film that technically belongs to the TV station is allowed to come and go as he pleases at the station. Specifically, he finds evidence that the welds for the water pumps were not properly X-rayed to show their integrity.

Whether or not you agree with the film's clear anti-nuclear bias, its sobering message and riveting, realistic story and performances are still difficult to ignore. The Ventana plant foreman, Jack Godell Lemmonfrets over what caused the danger and what solution can be done to make the plant safer, but no one will listen.

The television cable is cut and a panicky Godell is shot by the police. When it is safe to leave, the newspeople quickly leave and race back to their station.

While the two movies need to be considered separately before they can be meaningfully juxtaposed, one preliminary generalization seems in order: They take the film, but later, the cameraman steals it back to show to nuclear experts. The experiences Ballard underwent between the ages of 11 and 15 in Shanghai, as World War II disrupted his idyllic family life there, clearly provided the scenario as well as the rationale for all his fiction to come.She finds Richard there and he tells her he's showing the film to a couple of nuclear power experts; a physicist and an engineer.

The two scientists determine that the plant very nearly went into meltdown, called the "China Syndrome" where the nuclear material heats beyond the capacity of the plant's personnel and safety systems to stop it.

The China Syndrome is a American disaster thriller film directed by James Bridges and written by Bridges, Mike Gray, and T.

The China syndrome

S. tells the story of a television reporter and her cameraman who discover safety coverups at a nuclear power plant.

It stars Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon, and Michael Douglas, with Douglas also serving as the film's Produced by: Michael Douglas. The China Syndrome is a American disaster thriller film directed by James Bridges and written by Bridges, Mike Gray, and T.

S. Cook. It tells the story of a television reporter and her cameraman who discover safety coverups at a nuclear power agronumericus.comed by: Michael Douglas.

The China Syndrome China's last emperor ()--the film can deal with both our marginal relationship to that history as Westerners and the centrality of that history to world culture. Jan 01,  · "The China Syndrome" is a terrific thriller that incidentally raises the most unsettling questions about how safe nuclear power plants really are.

It was received in some quarters as a political film, and the people connected with it make no secret of their doubts about nuclear power.4/4.

Mar 16,  · 7 hours ago | Variety - Film News ‘The Conners’ Adds Maya Lynne Robinson as Series Regular for Playing DJ’s Wife 5 hours ago | The Wrap; and it still seems as sinister as it did then.

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The china syndrome film analysis
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