The selling point in checkers speech by richard nixon

Wire and write the Republican National Committee whether you think I should stay on or whether I should get off. Nixon, delivering his First Inaugural Address, January 20, We had a rather difficult time after we were married, like so many of the young couples who may be listening to us.

Let them decide whether my position on the ticket will help or hurt. But there are other expenses which are not covered by the Government. They had two daughters, Tricia and Julie. Establishment of the Supplemental Security Income program.

Richard Nixon — A Timeline

And then I returned. I have no life insurance whatever on Pat. Because, you see, I love my country. But I continued to fight because I knew I was right, and I can say to this great television and radio audience that I have no apologies to the American people for my part in putting Alger Hiss where he is today.

And I am proud of the fact that the taxpayers by subterfuge or otherwise have never paid one dime for expenses which I thought were political and should not be charged to the taxpayers. Go out and see Dana Smith, who was the administrator of the fund. Eisenhower as their presidential candidate, who then selected Nixon as his running mate, while the Democrats nominated Illinois Governor Adlai Stevenson for president and Alabama Senator John Sparkman for vice president.

And I just want to make my position clear.

What Was Nixon's

They got secrets in the atomic-bomb case which enabled them to get the secret of the atomic bomb five years before they would have gotten it by their own devices. I know this is not the last of the smears. And I want to tell you why. Now that is what we have.

Let me say this: July 19, Attended dedication of the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace with four Presidents and their First Ladies, and 50, friends and supporters.

And I feel confident that with great Americans like you and General Eisenhower in the White House, lonely Americans like myself will be united with their loved ones now in Korea. I have no insurance whatever on Pat.

It is the same answer that audiences give me whenever I discuss this particular problem. And you know, the kids, like all kids, loved the dog, and I just want to say this, right now, that regardless of what they say about it, we are going to keep it.

And whatever their decision, I will abide by it. His quick thinking was on display on July 24,at the opening of the American National Exhibition in Moscow where he and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev had an impromptu "kitchen debate" about the merits of capitalism versus communism.

Nixon supported the wave of military coups in South America.

Checkers speech

Now, was that wrong?Fifty-nine years ago today, Republican VP candidate Richard Nixon went on TV to give what's known as the "Checkers Speech." Why does a speech named after a dog live on in our cultural subconscious.

Richard Milhous Nixon (January 9, – April 22, ) was the 37th President of the United States, serving from to He was also the 36th Vice President, serving under Dwight D. redefined the office of Vice President, making it for the first time a high visibility platform and base for a presidential candidacy. The Selling of the President, Richard Nixon, or, ultimately, the American people. The second chapter (which begins, “Politics, in a sense, has always been a con game”) is a with their own words – is the most striking aspect of The Selling of the President.

Indeed, the off. Checkers Speech () Nationally televised address by vice-presidential candidate Richard Nixon. Using the new mass medium of television shortly before the election, the vice presidential candidate saved his place on the ticket by defending himself against accusations of corruption.

Although it would forever be known as Nixon's "Checkers Speech," it was actually a political triumph for Nixon at the time it was given.

You will have to pass judgment on that particular point, but I have never done that for this reason: Richard M. Nixon - September 23, Oct 12,  · Nixon, Richard: “Checkers” speech Richard Nixon, then the Republican vice presidential candidate, went on television in September to address accusations of financial improprieties, delivering what came to be known as the “Checkers” speech, the .

The selling point in checkers speech by richard nixon
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