The summer of the beautiful white

The horse is stronger than ever. What part does the narrator mean?

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Questions and Answers

How did little Aram define stealing when he had to decide whether or not to ride the horse? After a long time Mourad wanted to ride alone on the horse. Your horse has been returned. When his cousin, Mourad, appears at his window in the early morning light, Aram has to justify the horse his cousin has in tow.

The world, for Aram, at that time, seemed to be a delightful and extremely joyous yet mysterious dream.

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For all I knew, maybe it wasn't stealing at all. The horse must go back to its true owner. The distribution of the various kinds of spirit of our tribe had been from the beginning capricious and vagrant. The story opens with Mourad coming to Aram's house at four in the morning one fine day. It tells the story of two boys, Aram and Mourad, who belong to a very poor Armenian tribe.

Here are my favourites: Hearing this, Aram concludes that, Mourad must have had the horse for a long time. Marks 2 Q 20 What kind of a family did Aram and Mourad come from?

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They hid it from the rest of the world by keeping it in a barn of the deserted vineyard. There were some oats and dry alfalfa in the barn. We were proud first, honest next, and after that we believed in right and wrong.

The culture of these people, known for their honesty, is at the heart of the story. Thus, they kept the horse for two weeks, enjoying its ride in cool air and singing to their heart's content on the country roads.

Do you think Mourad and Aram were honest too? Both knock it out of the style park.

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How are they different? I leaped to the back of the horse and for a moment knew the awfulest fear imaginable. None of us would take advantage of anybody in the world, let alone steal.The Summer Of the Beautiful White Horse Country Field Grassland Flatland Mourad Antagonist- he presents the challenge of taking the horse away from John.

Dynamic- because he changed from the beginning to the end. Example- he stole the horse then returned it because he felt guilty. In the American culture, the white horse is quite significant. It is a symbol of purity and courage. The mythical unicorns, the courageous ‘Silver’ of the Lone Ranger and even the majestic king of horses, Shadowfax, from the Lord of the Rings were represented as white horses.

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The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Summary. This is a story of two tribal Armenian boys who belonged to the Garoghlanian tribe. For their family, even at times of extreme poverty nothing could match the importance of honesty. Chapter: Chapter 1 -The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse.

AglaSem Mock Tests (Free) - Try Now!! NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Chapter 1 – The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse. Class 11th English Chapter 1 The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse NCERT Solution is. White flowers cluster like butterflies atop tall spikes on these airy 2½- to 4-foot-tall plants.

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The summer of the beautiful white
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